Besides your donations, People can write letter (or emails) and volunteer to help with our move.

Vashon needs a permanent home for its community mill yard – a minimum of two acres (5-acres if residentially zoned) and preferably, centrally located for the convenience of the community. We need something permanent because by the time we invest the money and time in the infrastructure needed to mill logs, we don’t want to lose that investment again.

Donated land would be ideal as Vashon Forest Stewards (VFS) is a 501c3 non-profit organization. VFS would also consider buying the right parcel and your donations help with that. Foundations and government entities like the Washington State Department of Commerce will only help fund infrastructure projects when it involves secure land ownership. So, either VFS needs to own the land or lease it from a government entity such as King County, Washington State or an island institution like the Vashon Park District or the Land Trust.

Twenty years ago, King County’s 1998 Farm and Forest Report identified “facilitating the business or activity of appropriately-scaled forestry for the long term” and sustaining “necessary infrastructure to support the practice of forestry in the rural area” as major goals. This is exactly what we are doing, as a nonprofit organization! It is frustrating to have our log yard site sold out from underneath us by the County, and we would really appreciate having an ally and advocate within the County government to help us relocate and continue operating and serving the community. It is King County that is best equipped to help us and has the most land on Vashon Island.

Therefore letters, emails or phone calls to the right people could make a difference:

•King County Executive
Dow Constantine:
(206) 263-9600

• King County Councilmember
Joe McDermott
(206 477-1008

• Managing Supervisor, Environmental Programing (includes Forestry Program)
Richard Martin
(206) 477-3876

• Project/Program Manager, King County Forestry Program
(includes staffing the King County Rural Forest Commission)
Kathleen Farley Wolf
(206) 477-4363

Both Island Center Forest and Camp Sealth have been FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. That is the highest green sustainability standard for forest management. The Vashon Forest Steward mill was also FSC certified in 2018. That means, for the first time ever, we are now able to grow and produce FSC certified lumber all within King County (actually, all on Vashon Island). FSC lumber is the desired wood for all green building certification programs such as Built Green, LEED and the Living Building Challenge systems.

• Project/Program Manager III, Recycling & Environmental Services Section
(includes the King County Built Green and FSC programs)
Patti Southard
(206) 477-4621

We will also need help with the move: help in breaking down structures and equipment and moving it off the site. This is most likely to occur from late March until the middle of June. If you are willing to help or have a vehicle that can help transport material, we would appreciate your assistance.
Please get in touch with David Warren: 206-295-6670) or