Vashon is losing its community mill yard in June 2019. The Vashon Forest Stewards have been milling island trees into local lumber on this site for the past 15 years. Please help us build a new home for a mill yard by making a donation. Without your support we may be forced to close the mill due to the loss of this property.

What can people do to help Vashon Forest Stewards?

Vashon Forest Stewards is a community non-profit organization. First and foremost, we need your donations to help us with the costs of moving, securing land and building the infrastructure for new mill yard – a minimum of $100,000, even more if we are able to buy land.

* Turning logs into finished lumber requires a a lot of infrastructure – a mill and mill shed; a lumber kiln, processing equipment, tool and storage sheds, etc. Breaking down these buildings and equipment and moving them across the island to a new site will take time and cost money.

* Securing land includes many options: at least putting money down on a long-term lease and hopefully maybe even a deposit for purchasing. Owning property is the only sure way of guaranteeing the long-term security for the large infrastructure investment required for a mill yard.

* Additional funding is needed to rebuild the mill yard infrastructure: Clearing and grading, providing electricity, gravel and possibly drainage, building a new mill shed, kiln and other buildings necessary for processing and storing lumber.

It is a big journey, but the end goal of having a permanent community mill yard is a worthy one for Vashon. Our island is mostly forested, and everyone uses wood. Caring for our forests and having a place to process some of that wood for the community’s use makes good sense.