Why not leave our forests alone?

Wilderness can take care of itself. But forests damaged by human disturbance often need help to fully recover. Ecological thinning and removal of invasive plants encourage a greater variety of native shrubs, understory plants and structures such as clearings, snags and fallen logs. This in turn provies habitat for a greater diversity of creatures, and results in a healtheir forest community.

Vashon Forest Stewards helps forest owners assess the state of their forest and recommends how best to work with nature to restore, maintain and enhance their woods in good health.

We write forest management plans that inventory forest resources, help clarify landowners’ forest management goals and establish realistic ten year activity plans.

VFS files Washington State FPAs (Forest Practice Applications) which permit owners to legally thin their forests.

We also recommend and oversee highly qualified and insured logging contractors and hazard tree specialists in carrying out forestry activities.

For further information please contact,

David Warren: 206-295-6670