Using low-impact forestry practices that minimize disturbances to the surrounding forest, we help landowners implement their forest plans, including wildlife habitat improvements, tree removal and pruning, invasive species removal and planting and caring for native trees and plants.

Starting with the thinning of Agren Park in 2004, we have managed or assisted with thinning operations for both public and private forest owners including King County with Island Center Forest, the Vashon Park District with both Agren Park and Paradise Ridge Park, the Vashon Island School District with the school forest, plus dozens of private landowners.

By thinning over-crowded stands, opening up the forest and bringing more light in you promote more vigorous growth by the remaining trees. By thinning dominant species you can increase greater biodiversity in your forest, especially if you enhance thinning operations by planting additional varieties of native plants and trees species. This can be a positive means of improving the wildlife habitat of your forest.

Many of Vashon forests are a mix of Douglas-fir and red alder. Because red alder is a short lived species that only lives about 60 years on average much of our forestry work involves thinning or removing overly mature or decaying alder from forests and planting other longer lived species such as western red cedar to replace them. Most often the value of the alder logs more than pays for the work of removing the dying trees and planting the cedar.

VFS manages both large and small scale forestry operations with licensed and insured professionals. If you are interested in a free estimate please contact us.


VFS also oversees a Youth Forestry Corps that works while learning in the woods.  Their stewardship activities include removing invasive plants (such as English holly, English ivy, Scotch broom and Himalayan blackberry); planting native trees and plants (mostly bareroot seedlings) in the winter; caring for those native plants (brush cutting, installing seedling protection, etc.) during the rest of the year; and building forest trails and other forest infrastructure (installing the kiosks at Island Center Forest and building trail gates and outdoor classrooms for the Vashon Island School District).

For further information on VFS Stewardship services please contact:

David Warren: 206-295-6670 or