Tony with timber jackTony With Timber JackVFS is currently collaborating on stewardship forestry projects with Scarsella Cutting and Logging. Tony Scarsella comes highly recommended by Seattle's Cedar River Watershed which is the 90,000-acre forest preserve that protects Seattle's water source. They are very particular about who works in their woods, but they occasionally do selective e thinning projects that restore and enhance the basin's forest structure. Tony thinned a four-acre red alder stand along Melita Creek on Maury Island last year and has thinned two separately-owned Douglas-fir stands on Vashon this last year.

I would join with the Cedar River Watershed in recommending Tony as a skilled and careful operator - so much so in fact that I have filed a Washington State FPA (Forest Practice Application) to have Tony do a careful thinning of my own woods. There are three other forest owners currently ready. Anyone else interested?